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Patent Pending Filing #23429834

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The DeskFridge is Your Secret Weapon to Being Healthier!


Fits easily on any desk, only 24" tall by 12" wide by 20" deep, polished stainless steel design

Put healthy snacks within arms reach - the easiest and most effective way to lose weight or achieve any other health goals


No need to share the “office fridge” any longer and be impacted by contaminated food

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Snacking healthier reduces your chance of a heart attack by 37%

Lose 5 pounds within two months with having healthy snacks within arms reach

Individuals that eat healthier live on average four to seven years longer and enjoy significantly better health throughout their lives

“I lost 10 pounds by having healthy snacks within arms reach in my DeskFridge at work.” – John Froman
“The coolest new desk accessory in decades.” – Jane Grant
“Incredibly convenient, takes up less space than a file folder.” – Brad Goldberg
“I’ve lowered my cholesterol by having easy access to fruits and vegetables while at work.” – Jacob Dancewort
“Healthy snacks need a fridge!” – Kimberly Hainesworth

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Your DeskFridge will ship within 1 week. Shipping and handling charges of $34.90 will be added to your order for a total of $129.90 (normally priced $149.90). When your DeskFridge arrives, simply unpack it, put it on your desk, and plug it in – it’s that easy. Great job on making the decision to be healthier at work!