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About Us | ExecShape

ExecShape Headquarters

100s of Executive Health Coaches Helping Thousands of Top Executives Get Healthier

A Revolutionary Way to Navigate the Best Way for You to be Healthier

ExecShape helps you fix, improve, or simply maintain whatever your number one health goal or concern is that you are just not taking care of. We work with thousands of busy executives from the world’s largest companies, financial institutions, and entrepreneurs to provide them an executive coach solely focused on their personal health. As our members will attest, without good health, you can’t do your job to your fullest, or enjoy the life it has created for you and your family. As a member, you’ll meet weekly or monthly over the phone with your executive health coach. In our meetings, we’ll discuss specific strategies and a game plan for the month ahead that will make an immediate impact. We’ll also be doing research and plans for you ahead of the meeting to provide you with an easy-to-follow and ready to implement game plan for each month. You tell us what you want to overcome, fix, or improve, and we guarantee results. Don’t put off your health, get in ExecShape with your own executive health coach.

Our Executive Health Coaches – The Missing Time-Saving Layer Between You and Your Health Goals

ExecShape has created an intensive proprietary training program for our Executive Health Coaches that provides them with research-based innovative solutions to help our clients get healthier in a myriad of ways. We are not doctors, and never give advice or delve into areas that require a proper licensed professional.

We are a research-based team of executive health coaches that focus on innovative solutions, personal assistance, tracking and encouragement that is tailored for each of our busy clients. Think of us as a layer between you and all your licensed professionals, helping guide you in a time-saving way that uses your time and efforts in the most efficient way possible.

About Our Management Team

Over the past fifteen years, our management team’s experience in founding two of the leading book publishing and executive search companies led to the understanding of a need for a business that helped busy professionals be healthier. Aspatore Books (acquired by Thomson Reuters) and ExecSense (acquired by the Financial Times) were pioneers in their respective industries and worked with thousands of busy executives from Fortune 5000 companies. The CEO & Founder of both companies, Jonathan Aspatore, went on to found ExecShape as a way to help busy professionals be healthier in a more convenient and unique way. While serving as Founder & Chairman of ExecShape, Jonathan also owns numerous other companies that are a part of Aspatore Ventures. ExecShape is a privately owned company headquartered in San Francisco, CA and Boise, Idaho.

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